If you’re thinking about learning to ride a scooter or a motorcycle, or getting back on one after a bit of a break, then you’re in the right place for you to… Give it a Go(TryRide)!!

Why a Motorcycle?

There are many benefits to learning to ride a motorbike or scooter. Not only is riding on the open road fun, but it can save you money and provide you the freedom of travel. Don’t forget the environment, aswell, motorcycles produce a smaller Carbon Footprint then the larger vehicles, this is not just in the emissions but also in the recycling of parts.

What’s on offer? What’s innvolved?

In addition to your motorcycle freedom and financial savings, this gives you the opportunity to sample riding a motorbike or scooter without committing to Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

For a £45 booking fee, a qualified instructor will brief you about the session and kit you out with safety gear and helmet.

You will then have ONE TO ONE personal guidance from your instructor in a car free, safe and secure training area. They’ll get you used to the gears, throttle and brakes then before you know it you’ll be grinning like a Cheshire Cat, so relax, ride and enjoy the experience!

After your session you can learn more about the motorbike learning process – how to do your CBT and getting your full motorcycle licence. Your instructor will also be able to offer advice on what’s required for your next step, what bike to buy, what kind might suit you and what shops to go to in the local area and anything else you want to know.

We run the course usually on the 1st (or 2nd) Thursday of the month

Still on the motorbike fence? Take a look at the financial Savings…

Save Road Tax

With 50cc Mopeds/125cc motorcycles only costing £20 a year in road tax, learning to ride a motorbike could save you over £100 against a typical second hand small car of the same value.

Save Fuel

With many 125cc models achieving over 100mpg, riding a bike or scooter to work each day will save you hundreds in fuel costs alone.

Save Time

People often wish they had more time in the day to do what they want to do – with a bike you will. An average motorcycle journeys take 30% less time than the average car! You’ll have more time to see family and friends, hit the gym, and generally enjoy yourself rather than sitting in traffic.

So to sum it up

‘GIVE IT A GO!’(TryRide) will let you have a taster of what it is like to ride a 50 cc moped/125 motorcycle in a controlled safe area with one to one instruction at a cost of £35 booking fee.

That’s it straight forward and simple, no catches.

Book onto a Course

Thanks to Mark for taking me from novice to full licence. Patient, persistent and always encouraging. After all the training (and despite the nerves) , Mod 1 was easy – “I won’t let you do it ’til I know you’re ready”. Which also gave me confidence when Mark booked me in for the Mod 2. Thanks, Mark – I’m already missing the bacon butties and “getting upto speed quickly” on the Hornet…

- Anon