The CBT is the first day of your motorcycle training and is aimed at the novice rider. It is a comprehensive day running from 08:45am. You will be under supervision at all times by a qualified instructor. You will be taught how to ride the motorcycle and manoeuvre the bike through a series of cones placed on the training area.

We have a few CBT course options available

CBT Bronze:- This is a  straight forward CBT

CBT Silver :- This course is a CBT but includes a brand new LS2 Rapid Helmet in Gloss Black or Gloss White for you to take away(subject to stock/size availability,)

CBT 1-2-1 :- This course is specifically requested and is as it says 1 student to 1 instructor.

CBT Plus:- This is a CBT is specifically requested and is carried out over 2 days

Prices start at £135 for CBT Bronze and all courses inclusive of Motorcycle/Moped and Helmet, Jacket and Gloves (as required)

Before you start, your Instructor will check that you have a valid provisional entitlement on your licence(UK) to ride a moped/motorcycle and will carry out an eyesight check, so make sure you bring your licence(both parts) and your glasses, if you need them.

Your Instructor will then start your CBT. They will explain about the best protective clothing to wear and what helmets are best to buy, where your controls are on the bike and the safety checks that must be performed on your bike. After a thorough pre- riding briefing, you move on to the training exercises and the CBT course concludes with a supervised road ride where the instructor is in full radio contact with the riders.

In the exercises you will be taught how to set off correctly and how to stop in a controlled manner using your brakes in the correct and appropriate way. You will also be taught “Slow Control”, this is where you are expected to manoeuvre the bike in a figure of 8, and this procedure will also be used in U-turns and will be found useful on the road where there is high traffic congestion.

You will be taught how to perform an emergency stop and the correct way of turning into and out of Junctions and Roundabouts.

Our instructors are professional & very friendly, they will put you at ease and they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the course or concerns about purchasing a motorcycle.

Feel relaxed and chat with your fellow students throughout the course and plan that day trip down the coast on your new bike.

Helmets, gloves can be supplied if you wish at no extra cost.

At the end of your course you will be issued with a DL196 (CBT) Certificate which is valid for two years.

• Further training is recommended

Please note: Newly qualified car drivers (i.e. passed their test after 1st February, 2001) must complete a CBT before using the full moped entitlement granted with car licence. In this case ONLY, the CBT is valid for the life of the licence, but only for mopeds. If the CBT is used to validate the provisional motorcycle entitlement of a full car licence, it must be re-taken every 2 years unless both tests have been passed.

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