A full motorcycle licence doesn’t necessarily make you the best rider in the world and, as motorcycles are increasingly highly complex machines that are capable of performing at levels beyond the skill of most riders, advanced rider training is essential to ensure you get the most from your bike and to keep you safe.

The course begins with a discussion about your objectives followed by a brief assessment ride to prioritise your aims, giving the instructor an insight into what is required for the course to achieve your aims. We can help you to develop skills and techniques whilst exploring the potential of your machine.  to retain control of your bike and ride safely .The training consists of a combination of riding & briefings – at a pace to suit you.

Advanced Riding occurs at road legal speeds, however safe does not mean slow, and we would expect your progress and regular journey times to improve, your riding more rewarding, and probably less stressful!

Slow is smooth, Smooth is Fast is a nice saying I like!

Students normally ride their own machines for this training, but if the need exists 3D Motorcycle Training can provide a motorcycle suitable for the sessions, to discuss your specific requirements give us a call.

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